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ID Hair Touch Cure Shampoo

After Care Shampoo 500 ml

ID Hair Touch Cure Protein

Hair Stratining Treatment 500 ml

ID Hair Touch Cure Conditioner

After Care Conditioner 500 ml

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Hair Care Products

Not everyone has the same kind of hair, so it only makes sense that you use products that cater to yours. From thinning hair and oily strands to voluminous curls and sleek-straight style, Cosmopack offers a curated collection of hair care products 

Skin Care Products

Cleansers are products that are intended to clean the skin by removing dirt, oil, makeup, and dead skin cells. They contain special ingredients that help to unclog pores and to prevent skin conditions such as acne. They may also contain moisturizers to prevent the skin from drying out.

Baby Care

 Comprise a range of products that are used to care for the face and body or to enhance or change the appearance of the face or body. The products include skin care,personal care,cosmetics and fragrance.They can be used to replenish and protect the skin, such as toners,