Keratin is a powerful protein that the body produces to build skin, hair, nails and even teeth. The component amino acids give it unique properties. Hair contains 85% keratin, and determines the thickness and density of the hair strands.

The outer layer of hair is the cuticle, that protects the inner portion from damage and it forms like cortex to protect the hair.


Keratin is a fibrous protein found in hair, feathers, wool and nails. This protein used in cosmetics is of animal origin and most often comes from sheep’s wool. The vegetable version of keratin is called Phytokeratin and is better known in the INCI list under the term: “HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN”.In cosmetics, keratin is used to smooth and hydrate the cuticle of damaged hair. It bridges cracks and eliminates frizz associated with drying out.