ID BabyCare Cradle Oil 100 Ml

ID Baby Oil helps to solve the problem of cradle cap for newborns because it contains natural oils like Avocado oil, Argan oil and Jojoba oil also it contains a Calendula extract that helps to exfoliate and remove the accumulated crust on the scalp of the baby and leaves it clean and healthy .

How To Use

Apply a thin layer of oil to the scalp.
Gently massage the oil in for about a minute. If your baby still has a soft spot on their head, use extra caution around this area.
Leave oil in for about 15 minutes.
Wash the oil out with a gentle baby foam shampoo.


Silicone Free
Paraben Free
Mineral Oils Free

Product Composition

Avocado Oil , Coconut Oil , Argan Oil , Sesame Oil , Olive Oil , Sunflower Oil , Jojoba Oil , Chamomile and Vit E .