ID Hair System Touch Cure Deep Hair Mask 400 ml

• ID Hair System giving your hair that exceptional mask that nourishes and repairs damage fragile hair.
Whatever your hair type is it will be treated thanks to its exceptional formula of concentrated natural ingredients that makes your hair more healthy and shiny than ever before.
•It increases the shine and softness of hair.
Reduces hair loss.
It treats frizz & spilit ends.
Improve scalp health and promotes hair growth.
It gives you healthy and stronger hair than before.
Without side effects compared to other products.

SLS Free, Paraben Free & Phenoxyethanol Free

How to use

-Apply Once or twice per week for 10 to 15 minst MAX,
-wash your hair after the mask with cold water for best results.

Expected Results

Fortifying & boosting hair growth 90%
Nourishes hair and deeply hydrates 100%
Reduces hair loss by 85%

Main ingredients

ID Cure Complex
(Hydrolyzed protein, Hydrolyzes Keratin)
Argan Oil
Sesame Oil
Lactic acid

Product Composation

Cetyl alcohol, bentermonium chlorid 25 %, pumpkin oil, petrolatum, panthenol, lanolin, hydrolyzed keratin, Glycine, tocopheryl acetate, argan oil, petrolatum , jojoba oil, hydrolyzed protein, DMDM hydantoin, sesame oil, almond oil, perfume, water

Where to get it

Major Pharmacies/
Online from facebook page