ID Hair System Touch Cure Serum 50 ml

ID Has Selected from the most precious natural ingredients to provide you a special product to protecting the hair from aggressive damage thanks to its pure components from pure Argan oil, that treats frizzy rough hair.
The Ultrafine Argan oil molecules penetrate the hair follicles to keep moisture inside the hair for a long time to get a healthy bright look for your hair,
Leaves hair glossy, smooth, easy to style.
Protects against aggressive styling tools such as hair dryer and babyliss.

SLS Free, Paraben Free & Phenoxyethanol Free

How to use

-Apply a few drops on a hair washed with ID Shampoo.
-Distribute only a small amount of the serum to wet hair.
-Leave hair to dry completely, then brush hair as usual with a hair brush or natural comb.
-Could be used before thermal styling tools.

Expected Results

Deeply moisturizes hair up to 90%.
destroy split ends 90% *
Makes hair shiny and smother 100%
* With regular use within the ID routine for advanced hair care

Main Ingredients

Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E

Product Composation

( Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Dimethiconol ), Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil , XIAMETER® PMX-0245 CYCLOPENTASILOXAN, Partum, Argan oil, (CI 77480 )

Where to get it

Major Pharmacies/
Online from facebook page