Softless Protein

Softless is the first hair care line that based on natural Proteins, concentrated oils and vitamins that builds the fibers of damage hair. It provides moisture and strength by interlocking vital moisture and strength in the inner structure of the hair. Products leave hair healthier, more manageable and with superior shine.

How to use

  1.  Wash the hair with a medical shampoo to completely get rid of all dirt and grease attached to the hair, with a focus on hair strands.
  2.  Dry the hair with a blow dryer with a cool air of 70%.
  3.  Use ID Protein start distributing the product on hair, very well on each strand.
  4.  Leave ID Protein on the hair for 45 to 60 mints, according to the type of the hair and its damage condition.
  5.  Use hair dryer for 3 mints at a medium heat until it becomes dry, 80%.
  6.  Start straightening the hair precisely on condition that the strands should be very accurate and the amount time of straining the hair be from ten to fifteen times and the degree of the iron has to be higher than 470 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7.  After finishing the hair straightening, repeat the previous steps again
  8.  Leave the hair to cool down from the high temperature and ensure that the scalp is completely cold for at least an hour.
  9.  Wash the hair with lukewarm water and a small amount of ID Touch Cure Conditioner and leave the hair to dry or use the “blow dryer” on cold air to dry it.
  10.  The special hair care set of ID Hair System Touch Cure must be used is: –
  11.  Shampoo SLS Free.
  12.  Softening conditioner for hair «used daily to wash hair without shampoo and for more 10 days after treatment hair with protein»
  13.  Deep nourishing mask for hair
  14.  Use the Leave – In product or hair Serum, to keep the moisturizing levels in the hair and to protect the protein in the hair as long as possible and maintain the efficiency of the treatment, professional suppleness and straightening of hair for 6 continuous months to enjoy healthy, strong and radiant hair.

Key Benefits

  • Creates healthier, more manageable hair by strengthening the inner structure of the hair, improving strength and elasticity.
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Helps protect color
  • Adds superior shine and softness
  • Contains Marine Collagen & Silk Protein to maintain and repair the hair.

Product Composation

Macadamia Oil extract, Green Tea extract, Cetyl alcohol, Pentremonium chloride, petrolatum, vitamin E, vitamin B5, glycoxalic acid, xiameter pmx1501fluid ( cyclopentaslexane), argan oil, sesame oil, almond oil, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed protein, hydrolyze collagen, DMDM hydration, jojoba oil.