Softless Shampoo

Specially formulated for frequent use after Brazilian Keratin hair treatment, permanent straightening
and curl removal. Also suitable for dry hair. The formula is exclusively “salt-free” for gentle cleaning.
It relaxes, nourishes and straightens your hair long-term, prolonging the anti-curl effect right from the
first day of straightening.

How to use

Apply the Crystal Repair Protective Shampoo to wet hair. Gently massage into the scalp and rinse thoroughly before using the Crystal Repair Conditioner.

Key Benefits

  • Adds superior shine
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Paraben and Sulfate free
  • Contains Ionic and Catatonic Hydration Interlink technology

Product Composation

Macadamia Oil extract, Green Tea extract, disodium sulfosuccinate, cocoamidopropyle betaine, Edta 5, 3Promo5 nitro 1.3 dioxan, propylene glycol,almond oil, sesame oil, panthenol, guar (hydroxypropyl trimoonium chloride), peg, 7 glyceryl cocoate, olive oil, jojoba oil, glycerin, hydrolyzed keratin, argan oil, tocopheryl acetat, glycolic acid.